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AIC 2500

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Phone: (631) 699-3200

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  • Large Imaging Area
  • Smooth Motorized Positioning Movements
  • Return to Level Feature
  • Free Float X-Y Tabletop
  • High Precision Linear Bearings
  • Dual Lift Motors
  • Dual Tren Actuators
  • Sturdy Low Profile Base for C-Arm Clearance
  • Extra Low Height
  • Comes Standard with Accessory Rails
  • Quick and Efficient Patient Positioning
  • Battery Backup Option Available

This table features a large radiolucent imaging area that is controlled by both a portable hand held control, and positioning control panel located on the table. The Height Adjustability, Trendelenburg Movements, X-Y Positioning, and Return to Level are all performed by these devices. The free-float feature is activated by a push-button release on the positioning control panel, which is located on the accessory rail. The X-Y Movements are vibration free due to the High Precision Heavy Duty Linear Bearings used, which allow for stable and precise positioning.

This table is not like any other in the industry, not only due to these heavy duty rails, but because of the dual motors and dual actuators which allow the table to withstand the full weight capacity even on the very tip of the tabletop with maximum Stability and Durability.

The table can accommodate any style C-Arm, its sleek design and heavy duty castors allow the table to move smoothly even at maximum load capacity of 500 Lbs. This tabletop is ideal for Image Guided Procedures, such as pain care and cardiovascular applications.

This table is not only comfortable for the patient, but is accessible and functional for the physician as well. Similar to all of our products we keep the needs of both physicians and patients in mind to assure overall quality.

  • Dimensions: 87”l x 24”w
  • Radiolucent Area: 48”l x 24”w (unobstructed from head to toe)
  • Total Radiolucent Area: 68”l
  • Tabletop Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Mattress: 2” Thick- Black
  • Accessory Rails: Standard OR Accessory Rails, mounted near foot end of table-38”x 1.125”x .375”
  • Wheels:
    Head End: Dual 3” Swivel Locking Casters
    Foot End: 5” Swivel Locking Casters
  • Table Weight: 750 pounds
  • Controls:
    Hand Control: Height, Trendelenburg Movements, and Return to Level
    Positioning Float Control Panel: X Float, Y Float, or simultaneous positioning
  • Motions:
    Height: Adjustable from 27-40 (without 2” Mattress)
    Tabletop X Motion (head-to-toe):+/-10” (Total 20”)
    Tabletop Y Motion: Side-to-side):+/- 5” (Total 10”)
    Trendelenburg: +/- 15 Degrees
  • Patient Restraints: Two Body Straps
  • Patient Capacity: 500 Lbs; Weight tested to four times the patient load rating
  • Power: 115VAC or 230VAC
  • Warranty: 1 Year; All electrical components are subject to manufacturer warranty.

Additional Options:

  • Footboard
  • IV Pole
  • Adjustable Arm Board
  • Battery Backup
  • Auxiliary Clamp
  • Extended Warranty Options