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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can any of your products be used for different procedures?
A. Our MD-250 Table is designed for all Ultrasound Scanning Procedures, OB/GYN, Prostate and Urology procedures utilizing our available options. This eliminates the need for additional tables for different procedures. All of our tables can be used for multiple procedures. Also we can customize our tables to further meet your needs if necessary.

Q. Can your products be purchased internationally?
A. All of our products can be shipped virtually anywhere in the world and will be equipped with appropriate voltage standards.

Q. Can your Model MD-250 be operated in a remote location?
A. Our MD-250 and AIC-2500 models come equipped with a battery back-up system that allows full operation whenever an AC source is not available. This is particularly important during power outages.

Q. Who do I call if I have a service question?
A. Tower Medical Systems Technical Support Group can be contacted at 631.699.3200, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q. Do you offer leasing programs?
A. Yes, call 631.699.3200 for information regarding our economical leasing program.

Q. Are there extended warranties available?
A. Yes, call 631.699.3200 for information regarding our extended warranty programs.

Q. What is "Lectrolite" (as in 1" Lectrolite Pad)?
A. Lectrolite is an electronically conductive fabric that helps control electrostatic discharge and the accumulation of static which may interfere with sensitive electronic equipment.

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